Saturday, February 5, 2011



Was it her way of smiling
That made her so beguiling?
Was it those almond eyes,
Filled with such bright surprise?
Was it the shape of face?
Was it the charm and grace?
Half-woman and half-child?
Was that how she beguiled?
Beguiling? A compliment;
At least that is my intent.
That adjective means charming,
Attractive and disarming.
But take the root word 'guile'
And study that awhile!
It means 'crafty', 'artful', 'sly',
And 'Deceiving with a lie''!
So...... it follows, of course,
That a beautiful woman is false!
Surely a male invention,
That I feel bound to mention.
Sex-appeal is a form of guile;
A man is tricked by a tender smile!
Isn't that just like a man!
Never ready to carry the can.
Audrey Hepburn, Rest in Peace.
My joy in your 'guile' will never cease.


Just a girl I met at the market, with a butterfly on her face,
A big, blue, bounteous butterfly that didn't look out of place.
One expects bright insects to settle on the faces of passers-by,
When there's such a feeling of magic and the sun is in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Love the first half, and am grinning in irony at the second half. The butterfly is cute, too.

Strummed Words said...

What a change in tone from beguiled to botched! Nice poem!

Roan said...

I find Audrey Hepburn beguiling, as well. Wonderful tribute. Love the butterfly!

Reflections said...

Beguile... as you said, an interesting word indeed... love your take on it, the rhythm is wonderful.

RJ Clarken said...

Lovely tribute to Ms, Hepburn. I have a photograph of my young daughter with her face painted very similar fashion, She thought she was gorgeous! (So did I.)

keiths ramblings said...

As a mere male I found your piece fascinating! You are so clever.

Berowne said...

I always enjoy your rhyming skills.

brenda w said...

Beautiful tribute to a timeless beauty. Well crafted, indeed!

ms pie said...

ah, yes breakfast at tiffany's outstanding... she's everything and more of what you so poetically spoke of her.... yes, it is an interesting word and from the very mouth of a women abt a man abt a word.... loved it!!! .. glad to have stopped by..

Gloria said...

I loved Audrey Hepburn, and this is a lovely tribute to her.

Anonymous said...

You captured everything that is fascinating about her. And I loved the butterfly girl!