Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beet This!


This beetroot sculpture is awesome!
It's hard to believe my eyes!
That one could meet
A humble beet
In such an artistic guise!
But the more I learn of beetroot
The more I am impressed!
This dark red root
Is of great repute
And one of Nature's best!
I'm a devotee of beetroot;
I can eat it every day.
Baked or boiled,
Vinagered, oiled,
I can eat it any way.
Which may be the reason I'm healthy
At a very senior age!
So now let me list
Things you may have missed
As you've turned your cook-book page.
It can lower your cholesterol;
And your blood-pressure too!
It keeps cancer at bay
And in some clever way
Help with slimming! Yes! It's true!
I could write pages and pages
On the benefits of the beet!
And it looks so great
Sitting on a plate!
Yes! A beetroot is hard to beat!



She was sitting on the ferry
Out of the wintry breeze.
The ferry's a warm and sunny place
On mornings such as these.
She was counting-out her money,
Quite unaware that I
Was waiting with my camera,
Spying what I could spy.
She couldn't have managed it better
For a winter warmer shot.
She couldn't have posed more carefully
In that little front-seat spot.
Her cap was red, her coat was red,
And her bag! Just look at that!
If that's not serendipity
I'll jolly well eat my hat!


Karen said...

Who knew what would be inside a beet?!! :> And I really like, 'spying what I could spy'! Have a great week! :>

Margaret Gosden said...

I like your beet story - it has the potential of being
a new diet fad, if promoted seriously!

Geoff Maritz said...

Both great stories. Yes it is amazing what you can find inside a beetroot when you cut away all the extra clutter. Geoff.

Kat said...

Wow... thanks for revealing the secret of your healthiness...

Am going to like Michael Jackson "BEET IT" :-)))