Saturday, September 1, 2012

Those Glorious Thumbs!

the subject is 'hands'


Those thumbs, those thumbs, those glorious thumbs,
From whence all our supremacy comes!
Without a thumb doing clever stuff
Our hands would not have been quite enough 
To cause us to be top of the tree
Speaking biologically.
Our thumbs have enabled us to do such feats!
No other creature on earth competes.
And now evolution has reached its peak.....
When on the phone we need not speak!
We need a thumb in order to text!
Whatever will they think of next?
But wait......the dolphin has a brain
That makes it smart enough to train.
And dolphins will soon be doing sums,
For dolphins are growing opposable thumbs!!!!!!!

( A Poem for Children)

It's party time! it's party time!
And aren't we having fun.
We've got some fizzy lemonade ,
Enough for everyone.
Benny's dog bit Sammy
And little Sammy cried,
So Benny had to take his dog
And stand with him outside.
Then Ivan let his pink balloon
Float off into the sky,
So Ivan was another one
To have a little cry.
The lady and the gentleman
Who live in the flat below,
Said 'Kindly stop that awful row'
And the Birthday Boy yelled 'No!".
Lucy turned up rather late
And we wouldn't let her in!
She sobbed and howled and stamped her foot!
You should have heard the din!
A Policeman came to arrest us!
He thought there'd been a crime.
I hope next year is just as good
When it comes to Party Time!

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