Friday, September 21, 2012

Minor Fountain


I've discovered that this blog is defunct!


Only a minor fountain
Outside a Shopping Centre
And people hardly notice it
As they pass by and enter.
But if one pauses for a while
And looks at the way it swirls
And how the drops of water
Glisten like little pearls,
And how the stripes are made crooked
By the magical warp and weft,
And how the jets are so precise
And neat and clean and deft.........
One understands that beauty
Doesn't always yell and scream.
And it's that way with people......
Some are so much more than they seem.

                                                Margaret Gosden


Blue sea, blue sky, blue swimmer too,
A summery interlude.
A youthful girl devoid of guile,
In a sweetly innocent mood.
'What a scene of bliss!' I thought;
'What glorious relaxation!
With the water lapping round her feet
A natural pure sensation!'
She looked so young and innocent
In so many ways,
Until I followed the direction
Of  her very obvious gaze!

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

I do like 'Minor Fountain'', both the photo and the rime - who took the photo, I wonder! That was a very clever observation and wonderfully ambiguous. And, of course, I like "Caught in the Act" that follows!