Sunday, September 23, 2012


                   Unpainted by Rauschenberg


I find this very pleasing
Though I don't quite understand
What was meant by 'unpainted'.
Was the artwork planned?
Or did it happen by accident
When paint oozed in the night
And left a golden palette,
All glittery and bright?
'Unpainted' is the title
So I must just accept
That it wasn't actually created
By someone quite  adept.
It doesn't really matter;
I've enjoyed it from the start.
In fact, I have a weakness 
For accidental art.


I learned to drive in this little car,
(Well, not this one precisely,
But as  something similar to my car
It will do very nicely.)
My 'Beetle' was red and the year is right,
Somewhere about 1950.
I had bought it second-hand
Because I was feeling thrifty.
I was living in Bulawayo then,
The Rhodesian roads were wide,
And as I drove in my little car
I felt a sense of pride.
It wasn't an easy car to drive;
One had to double-de-clutch!
But I was young and adventurous
So that didn't worry me much.
The drive across to Salisbury,
(Now Harare, by the way),
Was really long and lonely;
It seemed to take all day.
The roads weren't fully paved back then;
There were 'strips' on which to travel,
And one could skid from side to side
And end up in the gravel.
I had no music for company
So I sang out loud and long,
And looking at this Volkswagen now
Still fills my heart with song.

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