Saturday, September 29, 2012



Oh thou great creature of the deep,
That haunts me and denies me sleep,
Whose serpentine and scaly tail
Lashes at great shark and whale,
Whose mouth breathes fire, whose teeth are knives,
Whose gaping mouth no thing survives!
What caused humanity to tell
Of thee thou terrible Prince of Hell?
What sparked a foul imagination
To create such an abomination?
Thou livest in the human mind 
And were by man alone designed.
From the human brain comes this ghastly creature,
Fearsome in every scale and feature.
Return  to the ocean now, forthwith,
For I know that thou art just a myth.



Where does shadow end?
Reflection.... where does that begin?
When a shadow is a reflection,
Which is going to win?
The table is a mirror
For the bowl that we see here,
But if it were not reflective,
A shadow would appear.
The sky we see reflected,
There's no doubt about that,
And the room's reflected in the bowl
Looking round instead of flat.
But the bowl has a shadow-reflection
Or so it seems to me.
Passing by a table
It's surprising what you see!

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