Saturday, September 22, 2012


Blackbutt Reserve Newcastle NSW


Up I go! High in the air!
Little brother can only stand and stare
As Daddy tosses me very high,
So that I nearly touch the sky.
The little birds just perch and gaze
At human beings funny ways.
'Is he tossing his baby away?' they cry
'Into a huge unfeeling sky?
He hasn't even any wings!
People do such funny things!''
But I land safely down below.
Daddy will keep me safe, I know.

(With some poetic licence!)

Modern life makes me jumpy!
My antennae always quiver
Whenever someone approaches me;
Will they say 'Stand and deliver!'?
I never used to be like this!
It's the News on the TV
That makes a real-life drama
Out of something imaginary.
I can be strolling innocently,
Or stopping for a chat,
When someone happens to jostle me
And I jump...'Hey! What was that?'
It's always accidental;
A passer-by who's stumbled.
Apologies are offered
And an acceptance mumbled.
If I stand outside a shop
With my purse clutched in my hand
And a sudden motion alerts me.....
Is it a heist that's planned?
Occasionally a move, a look
Can make me feel alert;
Is there going to be an accident?
Will somebody get hurt?
Too many police dramas
And too much late-night news
Have conspired to make me a nervous wreck.
I'd like to know your views.


Tina´s PicStory said...

nice pics :)

Joe Todd said...

Great post.. The seasons change.. Fall here in Ohio U.S.A. Just about Spring where you are I think..Have a great one

Joe Todd said...

Lovely post..