Sunday, September 9, 2012

In a Fish Bowl


"Have you been swimming around all night,
As my poor brain has swum?
I'm in no mood for breakfast;
 I'm feeling far too glum.
Just like my thoughts, you go round and round
And come to no conclusion.
Looking at you just makes things worse!
You're compounding my confusion!
Alastair is rich as rich
And Bertie is so poor!
I'd like to marry Alastair
But it's Bertie I adore!
I've lain awake for half the night,
I want to make-up my mind;
After all, Alastair's rather brusque
And Bertie is so kind!
But if I marry Bertie,
Who drives the butcher's van
I know I'll live in penury!
And that's never been my plan.
And, if I married Alastair,
I'd have half-share in a yacht,
A mansion and a great big car
And the other things he's got!
Round and round go the little fish
Echoing the way I feel.
Oh damn it all! Decision time!
I think I'll marry Neil!"


One's whole life is spent looking forward;
To next year and next month and next week.
'I can't wait!' .....the mantra of children;
They're some of the first words they speak.
The future, that time of perfection,
That's waiting just over the rise;
That present, that trip, that vacation,
That perfect and startling surprise.
We look forward to life getting better,
We look forward to Spring with emotion,
We look forward to having a baby,
We look forward to getting promotion.
And even when life is fast fading
(And that's not a pleasant thought, is it)
We sit in our nursing home arm-chair
And look forward to that special visit.
Our whole life is spent looking forward,
We're looking ahead on the track,
But we find as we age there's the pleasure
Of taking a loving look back.


Pie said...

Love the poems. My blues are here and here.

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing your blue and poem. Oh, the dilemma of a lady well loved!

I look forward to your comment on my blog.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.