Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

This week we use the title of a song from China Crisis.


Wishes have no power at all!
They just occupy the mind.
They are just little stories
Of a self-deluding kind.
They may be fun to think about;
Day-dreaming does no harm,
And manipulating the future
Has a certain flimsy charm.
But relying on the wishes
Is a very dangerous sport;
Thinking one can alter things
Just with the power of thought.....
Religious thoughts are wishful;
People hope for the best.
They call their wishful dreams 'belief',
And consider that they're blessed.
Maybe these thoughts console them,
But I will always shrink
From building my life on day-dreams
And relying on a wishful-think.


A letter and a number, and a message lies therein;
It says to us 'Just Be One and then you're bound to win'.
It's promoting mind over matter, and all that sort of guff,
But, believe me, imagination is never quite enough.
Throughout my dumpy, awkward years I longed to excel at sport,
Thinking I could 'B1' through the power of positive thought.
As a ball came hurtling to me I'd think 'I know I can!'
Saving the team from ignominy, that was my earnest plan.
I longed to be the heroine whom everyone applauded;
I longed to get a trophy and be universally lauded.
But the ball slipped through my fingers, or whizzed straight past my ear,
And all I heard was a soulful groan not a long and adoring cheer!
I'd admire the local athletes and think 'I can B1 too!'
But it was always obvious that I hadn't got a clue.
And the more I tried the more I failed! Till I often lay in bed
Thinking of the playing-field and wishing I were dead.
The Power of Positive Thinking can only go so far.
If you haven't got the equipment you can never be a star.
I soon gave up the struggle, knowing I could never 'B1',
And since then I've found a million things that give me much more fun.


my heart's love songs said...

i don't think daydreams are necessarily a bad thing either, but as you say ~ wishful thinking doesn't make things happen.

great writes!

keiths ramblings said...

There's a fine line between wishful thinking and positive thought!

Mary said...

My thoughts on wishful thinking pretty much parallel yours. You will see if you take a look at my poem. I don't think daydreaming and wishful thinking are the same. Wishful thinking is the hope for something, but really not putting any energy into it.