Friday, September 14, 2012


asked us to write about left-overs


I've eaten some glorious meals in my time
And some I would even describe as sublime......
Delicious roasts and mouth-watering stews
Chicken, prawns, so much to choose!
But the meal that lingers in my mind
Is one of the plebeian kind!
Left-overs that came my way
On my Mother's Washing Day!
We'd eat the roast the day before
And we would know what was in store.......
Left-over meat would be minced quite finely
Then mixed with vegetables divinely.
That all sounds dull and rather bland
But one thing made the mixture grand.
My mother added a pinch of sage.
(This wasn't a very exotic age!)
I only know I adored the taste
And wouldn't let one bite go to waste.
Left-overs ......hardly nouvelle cuisine!
Just part of the Washing-Day routine.


The members of the human race
Are not alike in form and face;
We all exhibit odd peculiarities.
Look at the colours of the skin;
Look at each type of nose and chin;

They're different, though there are some similarities.

Right from the moment we are born,
And give that initial cry or  yawn,
Our features are in place for all to see.
It may be a baby nose at first,
But it will grow if you've been cursed
With some relation's large monstrosity.

But think how dull we'd find the world
If all hair was identi-curled
Or if all skin was of the self-same colour!
Rejoice in every oddity;
Rejoice in our variety;
Without it life would be a great deal duller.

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