Monday, September 3, 2012


The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


Someone has to do it.......drag the good stuff from the earth;
Someone has to delve beneath the ground;
Someone has to deal with  claustrophobia as well,
And, luckily, the willing can be found.
I know I could not do it; I would be too afraid;
I'd think of all the others who have died;
The nine men on the first shift who were gassed  and breathed their last;
The evidence lying on the grass outside.
The white, bare skin besmirched with coal, the mining gear, unused, 
The wives bewailing lives just tossed away;
The number down the ages who have lost their lives for us,
While we have pleasured in the light of day.
I find that most of us require our lives to be smooth and sweet;
Let us refresh the memories  of men
Who have laboured underground for us throughout the centuries,
And who will never see the light again.

(Written especially for Anna)

What a picture of happiness!
Anna's got a brand new dress.
The skirt is like a ballerina's
(So much prettier than Tina's!)
The top is lovely, red and blue.
How I wish I had one too!
Is that a picture of Snow White?
Email and tell me I am right.
And you've got such a lovely smile!
I hope you're smiling all the while!
I wish I could see you so nicely dressed,
But a photograph is second-best.
Say hallo to Max for me
And tell him I would like to see
A photo just of him alone,
So I can see how tall he's grown.
Anna, isn't it a pity
That boys can never look as pretty
As you do smiling out at me!
And now, goodbye, from over the sea.


joanne said...

well written tribute to those who go down to the mines...some can be so very unsafe, but the workers don't want to make waves, or lose the only job they know how to do.....
and I am sorry you live so far from Anna, she looks like a sweet princess....

Walt Wojtanik said...

Love your expressive use of the wordle words. Another fit of finery from your poetic heart, RR!