Friday, September 14, 2012


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(An acrostic)

Tell me tales of long ago
I love the sentimental glow.
Memories are very sweet
Even when they're incomplete.
Worn out? Ah no! Still fresh and new;
Old and yet still bright and true.
Remembering is such sweet sorrow.
Now to make memories for tomorrow!


I was at Training College,
Learning how to teach,
And, in my summer holiday,
I went down to the beach.
There was a little cafe there
Right by the bowling green
And next-door to the tennis courts.
Quite a busy scene!
Most of the time it was quiet,
But all games come to an end,
And, when they did, the screaming hordes
Would suddenly descend!
Coffee white and coffee black,
Sandwiches, all sorts;
Ice-cream, bags of chips and such....
This was just from the tennis courts!
At the same time bowlers would bowl in,
Begging me to hurry;
Everyone asking for different things! 
It really was a worry!
But it was the change that stymied me!
I just couldn't get it right!
I grew more and more flustered
As they cried 'We'll be here all night!'
And, worst of all, was the sneering
Because I couldn't cope;
'Did you say that you intend to teach!
Good God, you haven't a hope!'
I truly hated the customers
And the insults that were hurled,
And it's made me really sympathise
With the waitresses of this world.


Other Mary said...

Both are a delight. I can especially relate to your second piece about the first job. I think everyone should have to wait tables or some similar service industry job to know what it's like!

Vicki Sheehan said...

very clever!

Ella said...

I love the memory poem and the timeworn view~ Both wonderful...I really enjoyed your take on the prompt :D
So happy you participated!