Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unending Bending

suggests the quotation

(after Patience Strong)

'Sometimes you bend; sometimes you break'......
Mostly, it's the bending.
The human spirit lifts its game
When problems seem unending.
'I couldn't stand it!' we may say
Thinking of something bad.....
Illness, parting, even death......
Are all too dire and sad.
You expect to go right under,
Drown in the pain and sorrow;
Hide beneath the bed-clothes,
Refusing to face tomorrow.
Human-beings fail to 'break'
Even though bruised and battered,
And though their hopes and dreams sometimes
Are very cruelly shattered.
Time and again we marvel at
The way that we recover;
Our little trees bend in the gale
But don't break, we discover.
(106 words)

(To the tune of 'Hey Look Me Over!')

A parody from one of my melodramas.

Hey look me over!/ I’ve got it made!/ Romping in clover!/ Call a spade a spade/ I’ll have the lolly! / I’ll have the dosh!/ And all of the mud that is on my skirt will come out in the wash!/ And I’ll be up like a rainbow,/ Bright as the sun!/ I’ll see the rain go, / I’ll be number one!/ With a little bit more of the ‘how’s your father’ I’ll escape this slum! / So look out World here I come!/

Hey look at me, folks!/ I’ll get the cash!/ Won’t mess with poor blokes! / I shall be so flash!/ I’ll wear the satin. I’ll wear the silk/ And I‘ll have a servant to scrub my back when I bathe in asses milk!/ For I’ll be up with the nobs, girls,/ Drinking champagne!/ No dirty jobs, girls,/ Working is a pain!/ When you've got all your curves in the chosen places wasting them is dumb!/ So look out World here I come!/
It being school holidays in this neck of the woods, holiday photos are to the fore. Greg has just sent photos of Max and Harry enjoying a few days in Sydney.

In Hyde Park
On the Manly Ferry
In the Aquarium
On Bondi Beach


anitamombanita said...

It is rather amazing how flexible, malleable the human spirit is. Nicely done, as always!

mike ansell said...

More nice holiday pictures of the two younger Bryants in Sydney.
They look as though they're having an amazing time, bronzing themselves on Bondi Beach !!!


lissa said...

you've used the prompt nicely, it reflects how strong we humans can be even when we don't believe it.

hope you have a sweet day.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Lovely write and a great tribute to the human spirit---

Laura said...

a beautiful and inspiring poem!

Judie said...

dTwo great pieces from you, BB! Sometimes reaching the breaking point isn't all that bad, though.

Jenny said...

Loved your family pictures! They made my heart smile!

The first poem really hit home.

It's amazing how much the human spirit can endure!

You are always a delight!