Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Greedy Old Lady

asks us to use the first line of an Emily Bronte poem
in blue


A little while, a little while,
Just a little longer.....
Though the days are growing short
I am growing stronger.
Life, which once was merely 'there' 
Now is such a jewel,
That not to have lots more of it
Would be intensely cruel!
Once, breathing in and breathing out 
Was something pretty boring
Now the mere mechanics
Are something worth adoring!
Life is such a miracle
I treasure every minute.
And, anyway, life can't go on
If I'm not included in it!

(inspired by the photo)

I'd arrived
On the late flight from Amsterdam;
Cold, tired, hungry,
But, most of all,
Longing to meet you.
I rehearsed it all on the plane.
First, the long run down the escalator.
(Who would wait to be carried
On such a journey?)
Then the quick leap into
Your waiting arms.
The breathless kiss,
The whispered endearments,
The ride home on the bus;
The arrival at your flat;
The welcome, welcome, welcome
I got the text message
As soon as I arrived......
'It's all over.....
Met someone else.....
Let's stay friends.....
Thanks for everything.'
I stood still,
As life whirled on around me.......


LV said...

We were never promised a rose garden. Life can be cruel, but you will find deep down we are stronger and will do just fine.

joanne said...

I have found that, as we grow older, we value life more and more, even to the point of increasing fear of everything remotely threatening. Fun verse.
And don't waste a minute ruing that person - plenty of fish and all that....