Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Flight

asks us to use these three words
absolute/ fall/ nestle


Now, I've never been a baby bird; this is pure imagination!
But I think I can envisage a poor fledgling's situation.
My whole life, ever since the egg, has been spent up in the nest,
But Mother's just announced that I have got to pass a test!
She has pointed-out that we're rather high......I'd never noticed before....
And she says I have to learn to flap and even swoop and soar!
My terror is so absolute that I can only quiver!
I nestle closer to Mother's side and give a cheep and shiver.
All my life I have only known security and love....
Oh what's this! It's Daddy! And he's giving me a shove!
I teeter on the very edge of the nest! I'm going to fall!
I'm wobbling and I'm wobbling! I don't like this at all!
The earth looks terribly far away! The sky looks oh so vast.
Golly Moses! As humans say 'It seems the die is cast!'
I'm falling, flapping, crying out! I'm terrified! I'm dying!
I'm falling like a stone! Oh no! Look at me!
I'm flying!


He should have seen it coming,
Otherwise what was he paid for?
Why did he earn such a fortune?
What did he ply his trade for?
We all thought that Financiers
Were a cut above the rest;
They were clever chaps with figures
And we were most impressed.
We handed our money over,
To be cared-for by his banks.
He merely rubbed his hands with glee;
I don't think he said 'Thanks'.
And he started gambling with it!
He just played fast and loose!
He threw it around like confetti,
Took it for his own use!
He played little games of Chance with it!
He tossed it in the air.
So long as he got his zillions
He didn't really care.
And when it all went pear shaped
Did he hang his head in shame!
No! The governments said 'There, there, dear'
And now they take the blame.
He should have seen it coming!
And now he should get the sack.
He took our money with gusto;
When will he give it back?


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I love "First Flight"! It could have come right from the birdie's mouth.
So much happening around me, Brenda, most of it good, some of it not, but my husband's surgeon says he is fine. He told him he could resume his normal activities, and neither of us thought to ask if that included refereeing football. I say it doesn't, Dick says it does, but has promised to phone the surgeon when we get home at the end of the month to make sure.
Meanwhile, he let me help with the first part of the driving for his business trip, but now that he is "fine" I have become "handmaiden" rather than co-pilot.
I hope you are well. If you wrote about your show, I'm afraid I missed it.
Luv, K

Old Egg said...

Another classic pair of poems. First flight is endearing in humanizing the baby's giant leap for bird world. With "Banking on it" just who can you trust in this world? It seems we were more prudent with our money when we didn't have any!