Saturday, September 29, 2012




So China sets about making things
And does it with a will!
But I've a funny feeling
There's been a bit of over-kill!
By manufacturing everything
And paying workers poorly
China's affected other countries
And they've suffered sorely.
Factories have closed down
In countries in the West.
'Let's leave it all to the Chinese
Because they do it best.'
But all the millions of unemployed
Have little money to spend!
And that is bound to hurt 
The Chinese people in the end.
If noone buys the Chinese goods
Exports will simply stop
And then the Chinese wages
Will drop and drop and drop.
We sink or swim together,
Co-operation's best.
It's no good being self-centred
And ruining all the rest.
I know nothing of finance;
My case may not be strong.
But it seems to me that, somewhere,
We've got the whole thing wrong!
                                                           Brenda Bryant     
(A Haiku)

Now we see the sky
And the green grace of the leaves.
Soon will come the grapes.
Rebecca and her husband and son spent a lovely day at Jimmy's Beach earlier in the week. She took a lovely set of photos, which it is a joy to share.

Brian's private Paradise

Good to be alive.

Sand between Blake's toes.
Breeze-blown Rebecca.
Playing porpoises.
Bliss for Banjo.
(Becca AND the beach!)

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mike ansell said...

Lovely photos of Rebecca, Brian and Blake.
Blake looks to be a very 'grown-up' young man now !
Best wishes,