Sunday, September 16, 2012


gave us the first line


A fellow was trying his hand
At playing the drums in a band.
He was ousted because
He went 'Bang!' in a pause!
He was out of the band! He was banned!
(Using these words)


As I look back down the corridor of time
I see that I've been drawn as on a thread.
muse upon my years of writing rhyme
And yearn to take back many things I said.
I've followed like a sheep the latest fad;
And many verses have been bald and raw.
The omens have not been entirely bad,
But at the heart there's always been a flaw.
I must strengthen all my verve and aim to be
A little better further down the track.
The mirror that I find reflecting me
Should have a happier writer looking back.
My fingertips must summon from the keys
Some opal, gem-like work to make me proud;
I'll thrust away my old banalities
And hold my head up high above the crowd!

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