Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day

(Not me, but very like)



 I wore my glasses for the first time,
The day I started school.
(Later, when wearing glasses,
I'd feel like an ugly fool.
I'd be called names such as 'Four-Eyes'
By other kids in the street 
And I'd feel so utterly worthless
That I'd often beat a retreat.)
But those days lay before me,
Days which I would survive,
And I am now returning
To wearing glasses at five.
They were large and rather owl-like
On my very tiny face
But I didn't feel disheartened,
I didn't feel disgrace.
Indeed, I felt important
As I walked holding Daddy's hand;
I felt grown-up wearing glasses,
And really rather grand!
I don't remember the classroom,
Or recall the teacher's name,
But starting school wearing glasses
Brought me a sort of fame!
I didn't know then that the future
Held such humiliation.
That day when I started school
Was like a celebration!


If everyone wore diamonds, they'd simply look like glass!
Not signs of wealth and dignity and being upper-class.
The dowagers and duchesses might feel a little bitter
If everyone around them displayed the same old glitter.
To stand-out in the crowd, one would dress 'down', a bit like Ghandi.
Which, in these very worrying times, might come in really handy!

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Marbles in My Pocket said...

I remember those days when wearing glasses was something to be made fun of. Kids can be cruel.
Nice poem!