Thursday, September 13, 2012


Letter 'Q'


Evis Presley was famed for his quiff;
It was casual, yet it was stiff.
It stood out like a peak,
All pomaded and sleek,
And the girls of the time said 'Terriff!'

If a quiff is a thing you desire
These instructions are what you require.
It may take quite a while
To get used to the style
But it's certain to set girls on fire!
First – Create a pompadour look. A pompadour hairstyle became famous when it was sported by the mistress of Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. It is characterized by having a huge wave on the front portion of the head.To achieve the same look, use a comb and sweep the hair found on the front section to the back. You can use a pomade if you want to keep the shine and luster of the strands, making them appear still softer and smoother. An alternative is a hair spray to keep the big wave still.Next – Pull the remaining hair. This is recommended for those who have shaggy or layered hair. The general rule is to never have hair strands going toward the face. All front hair should be pulled back. If you cannot hold them with additional pomade, you can add bobby pins.Lastly – Add a roller. Hot rollers may be utilized if you want to create more noticeable quiff. You can keep the quiff for around 10 to 15 minutes or until you are sure you have already formed the huge quiff.The quiff is very difficult to achieve if you have cropped hair. However, you can manipulate the frontal fringes or bangs. You simply need to bring them up using a hold on gel. Again, make sure the face is completely free of any hair.

                                       Brenda Bryant

(A Cinquain)

Revered, historical.
Towering, preserving, dominating.
Framed by the trees.


Margaret Gosden said...

The trees that frame this shot are two of my favourite and I am planning another etchng that will be the subject of same in a snow setting. Love the poem....

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

My husband had hair like Elvis's...


Anonymous said...

LOL! what a great take on the q! I am so grateful I do not have a quiff, nor a pompadour (did I spell that correctly?)...wonderful...

Judie said...

I'll pass on the quiff, Brenda, but your writing, as always, is terrrifff!!

Unknown said...

Another word in English I didn't know! Won't forget after your instruction:):)

storybeader said...

funny little poem!
Great directions, but... no thanks... {:-D

Lmkazmierczak said...

Hadn't hear of the quiff, but your clever verse was quite descriptive♫ Enjoyed your entries♪

anitamombanita said...

You're so dang clever. And the quiff, although perhaps a modified version of it, is very much in vogue these days... I see guys (our sons included) sporting them all the time!

Jenny said...

Oh how fun!

This was quite terrific.

I had a similar style hair-do for my Dad's 80th Birthday party.

Thanks for the smile.