Tuesday, September 25, 2012

False Start

                                            Brenda Bryant



The Spring arrived with great to-do,
Skies without a cloud, and blue.
The gardens put on fine array
And birds sang, greeting every day.
The smell of jasmine filled the air
And kids chose sleeveless shirts to wear.
'The Spring is sprung!' we all agreed ;
'It's early too! Just what we need!'
But, suddenly, the clouds rolled in;
Our summery clothes felt light and thin.
The birds clung on to wind-tossed trees
And new green leaves shrank from the breeze.
The thunder roared, the lightning flashed;
All at once our wild hopes crashed!
Spring, which had proved itself a hit,
Decided we must wait a bit.


Rain is very tricky stuff.
We want it, yes, but just enough!
We want it when we're tucked indoors;
 Outside it's drippy when it pours.
We want it raining in the night;
So that our days dawn clear and bright.
We want it on a ho-hum date,
Not on the day of the Village Fete.
We want a lot to swell the buds,
But not a downpour so it floods.
We want a little there's no doubt,
But not so little we get a drought!
Oh if it only could be planned
That we got rainfall on demand!

I had a very busy day yesterday. I chaired the monthly Probus Meeting in the morning. Our speaker came from the Jane Austin society and she spoke very lovingly about all the books. I was reminded of my dear friend, Althea, who loved the novels and who, sadly, is no longer with us. Then I went to the Mary Ellen to have lunch with friends. And, finally, three of us visited the hospital, where Yvonne has just had a knee replacement. After only four days she is managing to walk with a stick! We complain about modern life but we are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of medical advances!

Pam, Yvonne and me.

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