Sunday, September 2, 2012


asks us for a VERY short story


This is a teacher called Kath
Who teaches the little kids math.
She says 'Can't you see
Two plus one... 23!
Yes that is the answer I hath!'
(140 characters)

(the art of counting on your fingers)

The human body has its uses,
Though we often make excuses
Regarding every working part
That's not exactly a work of art!
Take your fingers....ten (with thumbs)
Unlike the teeth, set in your gums,
Which must invariably vary
In number, being quite contrary.
Ten fingers! Goodness! No more, no less!
Now we don't have to make a guess
When working out a tricky sum!
No reason to be looking glum.
Nature has supplied the tools
Which stop us looking arrant fools.
Dactylonomists, one and all.
Nature's supplied the wherewithal!
Now you can count right up to ten;
For twenty do the same again.
And should you find greater stumbling-blocks....
Easy-peasy, take off your socks!


Pat said...

Kath must be teaching the little kids new New Math. I liked her King James "hath" for rhyming purposes.

"Dactylonomy" is very cute and quirky. I liked both poems.

Clever and funny as always, Brenda!

Grandma`s Goulash said...

The first thing I thought was "new math". Just didn't think about it as fast as Pat. :D

Nicely done.