Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Terracotta Army

The Wordle


The blue words are all in the Wordle


Like peas in a pod, almost,
They stand in rugged rows,
Their faces almost identical,
Wearing the same stiff clothes.
Wrapped in eternal silence,
Mysterious, remote,
Their suffering far behind them;
None of them men of note.
Yet they represent an army
Of living, breathing men,
All of them fierce warriors
Who will never live again.
Their's not the splendour of marble,
Yet they have a certain grace,
And who knows what small history
Lies behind each bland face?
Did they enjoy the blessing of family?
Were they shaken by emotion?
And were their ordinary lives
Filled with joy and commotion?
For centuries the cows were grazing
Over each deep-dug grave.
This is immortality,
But not of the type to crave.


If I were Edgar Allan Poe 
Returned again to this earth below
I'd cast my eyes on this illustration
And let out a massive exclamation.....
'We must call it 'Nevermore!
I've used the word with success before!
It captures that feeling of hopeless love
Which I was frequently speaking of!
There's also a raven! A craven bird
Who frequently uttered my favourite word!
Look! I see a Plutonian Shore!
I like this picture more and more!
Yes! I like it! It tries to capture
My poetic theme of desperate rapture.'
Thus would he speak and, gratified,
He'd depart to the Other Side.
We've just enjoyed a really terrific show-day at Valentine. What a great audience. They laughed in all the right places and sang along with a will. Photos were difficult because the light was behind us but the one of me enjoying the Spring sunshine when we were on our way home isn't too bad.

I've just endured several computerless days so here are some photos of last Saturday's Fashion Parade. 

Friend Pam looking glamorous.

And some of the admiring audience.

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