Sunday, September 30, 2012



supplied the first line


A woman who tended to whine
Told her husband that he was a swine.
She said 'I have found,
Just by looking around
That no husband's as awful as mine!


When we had that conversation, 
The casual one in the mall,
I didn't tell you I felt fine
Not missing you at all.
We talked in a stilted manner
About our daily lives,
No nasty innuendos,
No sticking-in of knives.
I asked about your mother;
You asked about my trip;
I said I was very busy;
We didn't make one slip.
We didn't remind each other 
Of the very last time we'd met;
Of the screaming accusations
That I know I don't forget.
We didn't mention the anguish
That we both were thinking of;
We didn't even hint at
That terrible thing called love.
I didn't mention Josie,
You didn't mention Ben.
Although they were so important
Way back, way back when.....
Both of us pretended
To be quite at our ease,
As though we'd just erased them,
The awful memories.
There were no backward glances,
No sentiment at all.
We were completely natural,
When I met you in the mall.
There was that one omission
So an apology's due.......
I didn't say 'I no longer love you.'
How could I? It isn't true.

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