Tuesday, September 18, 2012


asks us to write about Afternoon Delights.


'I'm not going to sleep my life away'......
These are words my Mother would often say.
Even when she was ninety-four
She made absolutely sure
That she didn't waste a single minute
And all the wonder that was in it.
Though she was just sitting in a chair
She chose to be utterly aware.
I am not made of such stern stuff;
I often feel I've had enough
Of all the to-ing and the fro-ing;
That's when I feel my pace is slowing.
It's after lunch I take my ease,
Recharging all my batteries.
Just the briefest half an hour
Revives the sense of life and power.
I really enjoy my nanny-nap......... but
I can hear my Mother saying 'Tut-tut!'


Though not, in reality, blue, these dogs display a tone
Which has a certain blueness showing through.
They are Australian cattle-dogs, bred to keep the cows in check,
And they are named for the useful job they do.
They are called 'Blue Heelers' because they nip at heels,
Something  cows make sure that they avoid.
They are tough, reliable and fast and very easily groomed
And they show their feelings when they're overjoyed.

And here are Blue Heeler puppies, with Red Heelers alongside,
All of them so eager for a feed.
Cute when they are babies, hard-working when full-grown.....
All in all a very worthwhile breed.

Image from twitter.com user @jttozer

A no-hoper in America produces a very tacky video and it results in this terrifying image in Australia, on the other side of the world! I very much doubt if the Prophet would have approved! 

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