Thursday, September 6, 2012

Office Etiquette

we are asked to use the three words in blue


It's my painful duty to tell you
 That your discipline is lax;
In my office I expect hard work;
There's no time to relax.
An element of mockery
Pervades each conversation,
With rather stupid banter
Degrading each situation.
Get your heads down, gentlemen
And don't dare answer back!
Anyone who's a ringleader
Can expect to get the sack!.


Beauty at any price!
Some treatment isn't nice.
You are left with lots of bruises
Just to look good on your cruises.
There have been many hitches
Due to some faulty stitches.
Botoxed lips are just protrusions
Scarred by some pointless new contusions.
Bits cut from chubby cheeks
May not heal for weeks and weeks.
You wont like your bloodshot eyes
And no-one will sympathise.
You will get some funny stares
And spend a fortune on repairs.
Cheek and forehead, nose and lips;
As one bit firms, another slips.
Though you may try lots of patching
You'll end up with nothing matching.
Beauty at any price!
Let the face you've got suffice!


Sheilagh Lee said...

yes isn't it terrible to work in such a workplace
I agree with you grow old gracefully embrace those wrinkles.

anitamombanita said...

good stuff as always!! :)

Anonymous said...

haha! Totally right! Both made me smile :)

mypenandme said...

I like what you did with the words. Enjoyed!

Lmkazmierczak said...

I so enjoy your wit and cleverness...Had to comment as well on your June 8, Payment in Advance post which really got me laughing♫♪

RMP said...

Two fun and lovely pieces! I enjoyed the flow and feel (plus the rhymes).