Monday, September 24, 2012




Some clean-shaven, some quite hairy
But every one of them contrary!
Even the females of the species
Get contrary making speeches!
Politicians! Goodness me!
It seems they never can agree.
If one says 'No' the other says 'Yes'
Until we're all in an awful mess.
We have a Tony and a Julia
Both of them equally peculiar!
They never say 'What a great idea!
I'll use that myself next year!'
They speechify for days and days
Without one single word of praise.
If she says 'Up' then he says 'Down!';
If he says 'Smile' she's sure to frown.
Is this a purely Aussie quirk?
Do others make the system work?
Democracy is a fine idea
But it isn't working too well down here.
They'd rather make a big mistake
Than say 'That's good!' for goodness sake!
Meanwhile the voters pay the price.
Why aren't politicians NICE?



Two ladies of a certain age were sitting drinking tea,
Sophisticated ladies, or else trying hard to be:
Both of the pearls-and-twin-set type, a fashion quite outmoded.
Suddenly Muriel questioned Maude and, my, was the question loaded!
'Those pearls…..they can't be real, dear! They're much too big and bright.'
'I assure you' tartly answered Maude,'These pearls are real all right!'
'I simply don't believe you! They're fake, of that I'm sure!'
'Of all the mean remarks!' snapped Maude 'I just can't take much more!'
Said Muriel 'Let me bite one; biting a pearl is best.
I wonder if you're brave enough to put it to the test!'
Smiled Maude 'I'm sorry, darling! The pearls are real, it's true:
But, you see, my dear, to bite real pearls, only real teeth will do!'

Our show , 'Rendezvous with Romance' was a great success yesterday. The acoustics were still a worry, but we were raising money for microphones anyway so that was appropriate. If people couldn't hear us on the back row they knew there was a reason.We had a good crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. I now feel tired but gratified.
The additional singers.
The ensemble.
Me, giving the vote of thanks, at the end.

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"Rinkly Rimes" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.