Thursday, September 23, 2010



There we are, 'foetal', lying in bed,
With the sheet and blanket over our head.
With our breath all blah and our nose all glug
And the bedroom full of that night-time fug.
Our blood runs slowly, our heart tick-tocks
With the sluggish precision of ancient clocks.
Our mind is dull and our eyes are shut;
There's a flopsish feeling in our gut.
The morning's come but we wish we were dead.
The very idea of quitting our bed!
The sun's too bright, the day before us,
Is horribly, terribly too much for us!
We wish the tweeting birds would expire,
Falling dead from that overhead wire!
It's all to much!
But Nature's cure;
That's destined to put us right for sure
Is the instinct to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!
At first it's slow,
But a little stretch very soon will grow.
The toes will extend to the cool, cool sheet,
The heart will spry-up with a lively beat.
The arms, as they stretch will appear to lengthen!
The fingers will flex and suddenly strengthen!
New life will flow through our willing veins,
Flushing away the night's remains!
We'll have a scratch and maybe grimace
And joy will spread all over our face!
The Stretch, my friends, is Nature's way
Of preparing us for a brand new day.


You were there!
And I was there!
Everything of which we are made
Was there!
Nothing has been added since the start of time.
Of course,
We could not recognise ourselves.
We were star-stuff.
We were ingredients
In a great soup.
We were being shaken and stirred.
What if we still retained a memory
Of being Big Banged!
What if we could still recall the Nothingness
In which the Everything swam!
What if we had been aware of the Silence
In the Nothing.
Our small brains demand that 'empty'
Means 'surrounded'.
A cup is only 'empty'
Because it has a shape.
'Empty nothing'
Means Nothing.
We were in it
And yet we cannot comprehend it!
Were we waiting in that Dot,
That infinitesimal speck
Which contained everything?
Was all Creation screwed up,
'Ready for off?'
Were we conscious of the fact that the
Impossible Nothing
Was going to Explode
Into the Possible?
Into trees and pigs and crossword puzzles?
A Dot.
Did it shudder?
Did it convulse?
Did it tremble at the enormity
Of it all?
Look at us!
We're shooting stars,
We're nebulae,
We're clouds of gas!
We're light.
And the noise!
The incredible roar of it all!
It must have been quite a party!
What a pity we can't remember it!


Brian Miller said...

great take ont eh theme...there i nothinglike a good the morning and the mid afternoon...or any time...smiles.

Lenora said...

Wonderful - and a bonus piece of prose to boot! I can totally relate to stretch - isn't stretching a wonderful way to prepare!

Jaime said...

well done

and now i think it's time to stretch and head off to bed.

Kris McCracken said...

Stretch out and wait. There's no debate...

Dreamhaven said...

A joy to read. Happy TT

Nanc Twop said...

At first it's slow,
But a little stretch very soon will grow...

Very true - nice one

One Prayer Girl said...

I loved your Theme Thursday and your other offering as well. They both held my attention completely. Thanks for both.

My TT is up.