Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring Market



Spring, the sweet Spring
Is the year's pleasant king'!
Oh dear! Somebody said that before!
Oh well, he was right!'
When it's sunny and bright
The phrase has a definite ring!
And say, what great fun it's
Pursuing the punnets
To make sure that the garden's ablaze!
Be sure you can collar
Some blooms for a dollar
And prepare for some colourful days.



Ben said 'A place for everything
And everything in it's place'!
How did the old chap realise
My drawers are a disgrace?
His words have echoed in my ears
Each day, more or less;
Always in my mother's voice;
Yet I'm always in a mess.
But deep inside this muddler
Is a person who is neat.
And even in my waning years
I can't admit defeat.
I buy big boxes from the store;
This time I'll organise!
This time I'll follow Ben's advice;
There will be no compromise.
But then I forget to label them,
So I scrabble deep within
To find an item I've mislaid!
I simply cannot win!
Sometimes I tip the boxful out
Then shove it back again.
I really will be neat next time.
But when is next time? When?
But I wonder if old Benjamin
Was such a neatness freak.
If I could find his chest-of-drawers
I'd like to take a peek.
I bet they were an awful mess,
If only we could see.
Maybe he wasn't as honest
As little old scruffy me!
Have a look at my picture!
See 'stuff' strewn on the floor!
Goodness gracious Benjamin!
That's what boxes are for!
So now I'm going to rustle up
A homily myself.....
'Don't believe Ben Franklin
Till you've checked-out every shelf!'


Sylvia K said...

Ah, I do love the markets! Great shot, Brenda, and fun words as always! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Kay L. Davies said...

OMG, Brenda, your disorganization poem could be the story of my life. I even hired a professional organizer, so I had nice, neat, tidy rooms, for a short (very short) time. And of course I don't know which boxes I put what stuff into.
When I lived alone, I used to limit myself to having a messy kitchen table, and I'd push everything to one end if a friend dropped in for coffee. Oh, and I kept my bedroom door closed, but the guest room door could be open.
Unfortunately, I re-married at an advanced age, and I married another "paper pack rat" like me. We now have a small kitchen table, which he messes up, and the big table is in the dining room close to my computer, so I mess it up. Then I push things aside so we can eat meals.
There's an American television show about hoarding, and I've told Dick we really ought to watch it, so we can learn something, in order to avoid leaving his daughters the unenviable task of dredging out this place if we both get hit by a train.
Thanks for the poem. May I keep a copy of it? On our refrigerator? Wait, no, that's covered in notes and fridge magnets. May I leave a copy of it with my will?
Great post, by the way. Lovely spring market. I was out taking pictures of autumn leaves and forgot to link my blog post to My World Tuesday. Even my mind is cluttered. ;~)
-- Kay, Alberta

Anonymous said...

have a fun day...
thanks for joining poetry potluck last week.
Hope to see you again...
Happy Tuesday!