Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Error 503

                                    Gerald Gee



It seemed to me
Error 503
Was something purely numerical!
But Gerald Gee
Took 503
And made it something hysterical!
He says it lurks
Within the works
Of his personal computer.
He says it's a her
But I prefer
To consider the beast is neuter.
Its extra eye
Looks rather sly,
Its jaws with gore are oozing.
Its slobbering lips
Have come to grips
With the data we keep losing!
Its eye's on YOU
So, whatever you do,
Watch out for 503!
Disturb at your peril!
This creature is feral!
Or so says Gerald Gee.



A Carpenter in days gone by
Never merely made a chair
Also included were extra 'limbs'
Representing, each, a spare.
Money was scarce in those far-off days
And nothing was neglected;
Nothing was 'throw-away' back then;
Decades of wear were expected.
As arms and legs might wear out first
Leaving the owner short
Each Carpenter supplied the spares;
(Greater profits, I'd have thought!)

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Kranky Granny said...

503, I love it.

Brenda, I can't say it enough --- I love your rhymes.