Monday, September 20, 2010

A Poem for Celebrants

asks for a poem suitable for a wedding.


This life we lead is full of broken promises,
So make just one and only one this day.
Promise to do your best
Forget about all the reast!
Cast all those other other promises away.
Your 'best' won't be perfection, that is certain;
You'll slide and stumble as the years go by.
You'll find out very soon
That you can't ask for the moon,
And all that you can promise is 'I'll try.'
Don't falter at initial imperfections
On your part or your partner's here today.
Don't give-up too easily,
For it very well may be
That you're throwing something pretty good away.
Keep at it! Make each day a new beginning,
And you'll find your life will take care of the rest.
And, who knows, you may find
You've created ties that bind,
And if you have, my dears, you've passed the test!



See, beneath those hooded turquoise lids,
Eyes that are turquoise jewels, hard as stone.
For, even as she glitters for the world,
Behind her eyes she knows she is alone.
Analyse that smile, so moist and young,
Those brilliant teeth in that half-parted smile.
So does she practise smiling every day,
Pretending that she's quite devoid of guile?
That hair, that skin, they are not Norma Jean;
They've been a fabrication from the start.
Here is the tough-as-turquoise Marilyn,
The famous lady with the frightened heart.

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