Sunday, September 26, 2010




The sacred circle, aid to meditation.
The unseeable becoming seen.
Meditate upon it and become whole.

"Drawing or creating a Mandala (a Sanskrit word meaning sacred circle) is a meditative art which reflect our consciousness through symbolic patterns - making our inner spiritual essence visible. In religious and pyschotherapeutic traditions worldwide, mandalas are created to help the process of wholeness, healing and spiritual transformation"



When I was young
The River Thames was old.
It was murky,
Like some malevolent soup,
Flowing past the ornate buildings
And the fresh green parks.
We were warned about
The Thames.
We were advised
Not to fall in!
One gulp and we'd be dead!
As young lovers
We strolled along its banks.
It was opaque,
Not that we minded.
We were in love.
When I was young
The London fog
Was legendary.
Thick, almost solid,
And sulphurous.
Policemen with torches
Loomed up out of the ghostly mist
To guide us home.
It hurt to breathe.
When it finally blew away
We were left with the yellow stain
On clothes and skin.
For weeks.
Not that we minded.
We were in love.
Now the young lovers walk
Beside almost pristine waters
And the mists
Are relatively light and gentle.
Surely the story of London
Gives hope for the future.
A future in which
The Earth itself
Will have healed.
A future in which
Will be an archaic word.
And the young lovers,
Who will know no better,
Wont even notice.
They will be in love.


Flying Monkey said...

Really liked how you combined the theme of pollution with the state of being in love - like two parallel universes of reality. Also, I love London ;-)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Inspired by your words and mandala:

round and round it goes
as do we

Sacred Rubble

Jinksy said...

I could meditate on your mandala for ages - it's my colours...

Teresa said...

That poem on pollution and love is really great! Hopefully, at least the lonely people will notice that we are making a difference and keep improving our treatment of the planet so those young lovers can remain oblivious.

geraldgee said...

guess we both have the same memories?

dasuntoucha said...

The juxtaposition of immediate surroundings and love takes this poem on a wonderful flight of fancy...enjoyable read indeed.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

meditation is the key...
very remarkable take.

Nanka said...

Meditation does give answers to your queries, and into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.It is a key to solace.

Ceebie said...

As an environmentalist myself, really enjoyed your environmental poem - showing how the past can give us hope for the future...And also loving the last line! :)

Jae Rose said...

Perhaps The Thames is as hypnotic as a mandala..Jae

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that is the future that we leave behind. I'm not so sure sometimes that us and the natural world will ever find an equilibrium, and there is always hope.

Sherri B. said...

Your mandala is lovely, and I loved your poem about pollution. It was hopeful and uplifting.