Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Brief-Case

supplied the photograph.


We had had a good time at the office;
Some birthdays do turn out that way.
The girls brought a cake with some candles
To celebrate my special day.
I didn't think Mary-Lou liked me;
She'd always been rather uptight,
But no! Mary-Lou brought a present!
I expressed gratitude and delight.
She said 'Don't open it in the office!
Leave the opening till back at your place!'
I thought this request rather curious
But I hope I agreed with good grace.
I took the short cut through the alley,
I mustn't be late for my train.
Then, suddenly 'Tick tick' I heard it!
Yes! 'Tick, tick'! I heard it again!
I stopped dead in my tracks, apprehensive.
It was Mary-Lou's present, for sure!
I was right thinking she didn't like me!
She was planning to settle a score!
As her boss, I'd, at times, been demanding
But I didn't deserve punishment!
Mary-Lou must be slightly demented,
To plan with such evil intent!
I dumped the brief-case in the alley
And ran for my train in a whirl.
Very soon I would hear the explosion!
A bomb! What a terrible girl!
Next morning  I went to the office;
It was then that I got quite a shock.
Mary-Lou, with a smile, came up to me
Saying 'What did you think of the clock?'



'Make a list' my Mistress said;
'We need some milk, we need some bread'.
But something else was in my head.....
Peter! I miss you!
'Buck up!' I heard my mistress say,
'You know it's market-day today!
But still it seemed I heard you say......
'I want to kiss you!'
'Write it down, girl! We need cheese!
Don't stand mooning if you please!'
Last night we stood beneath the trees;
The wind was sighing.
'Have you checked our flour supply?
Think now! What else must we buy?'
So many stars were in the sky!
I felt like crying.
'Now don't forget to buy some meat.
And then some biscuits; plain, not sweet.'
It's always like this when we meet;
You do it to me!
'Pull yourself together, Ann!
You need ingredients for the flan!
I don't! I need my lovely man
To come and woo me!
'Let me see! Give me the list!
Is there anything we've missed?'
Are there other girls you've kissed?
They mustn't kiss you!
'Goodness me! There's not a word!
I wonder if you've even heard!'
A shopping list! .........Oh how absurd!
'Ann! I dismiss you!'



Anonymous said...

awesome job.
I wonder how you can keep your creative juice keep running so high...
admirable talent.

geraldgee said...

Very much on form today BB.

Lois Evensen said...

The brief case makes me smile. As a boss how do we know if those who work for us REALLY like us as much as they pretend? ;)

Darlene said...

Two clever stories told in rhyme. I think the apt endings are just excellent.

Susan said...

Well done Brenda - both brought a smile. You're very talented.