Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silent Treatment


This week's words are
break negative surface


Three days! And we hadn't spoken!
Just how long would it take?
It was all his fault! That was certain.
But which of us would break?
How I hated his negative attitude!
He was mean and he was callow!
He'd said I was all surface show!
He'd accused me of being shallow!
We'd shouted insults loud and long!
We obviously loathed each other!
I told him he was a selfish boor;
He said 'You're like your mother!'
But we ran out of insults, by-and-by,
And the Silent Treatment began.
Three days! And we hadn't spoken!
God! What an irritating man!
He was duty-bound to speak first!
After all, he was to blame!
But, if he didn't speak, I wouldn't!
Two can play at that little game!
Then I caught his eye and looked away;
Was that the ghost of a grin?
I looked back just to make certain.
I mustn't let him win!
But I couldn't stop my lips twitching
And, before, I knew it,
I'd burst out laughing and, heaven knows,
I hadn't planned to do it!
We ended up in each other's arms!
Silent Treatment was for the birds!
But, oddly enough, we discovered
We still didn't need any words!




Faraway a lone bird calling
As the golden mist is falling.
Darkness hovers near at hand
Evening shadows paint the land.
All the trees stand tall and black
While the next bird answers back.
And the moon has risen to say
'Your lovely day must fade away.'


K said...

This was sweet and funny. Wow, yet another poem that makes these normal ups and downs seem so easy to overcome. Some real food for thought, whether you meant it that way or not. Because really, isnt it better to get over it and love while you can?

Thank you for this sweet poem.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I like how this all came together for a very great ending.

shail said...

That was a very vividly painted scene :)

Jay R. Thurston said...

'Silent Treatment' was very entertaining, great flow, and enjoyed the ending. Nicely done on 'Fade Away' as well!

Claudia said...

i loved this poem! it's so nice when we forgive each other - i'm glad you have noticed that smile...

Angel said...

I really enjoyed this piece. I'm glad they made up.

alexis nicole said...

Your first poem is hilarious and I just loved the ending! I've played the silent game too. Why does it always end with a grin and a hug??

Your second poem, fade away is just lovely. You are a beautiful writer...

Word Tosser said...

As always a great poem, you are the only poet that I really enjoy and can read over and over...
Silent Treatment, sounds like it was written about us... lol...
Thanks again.. for the smiles and great read.

rebecca said...

You are going to find this hard to believe but I knew a couple (relatives of a friend) that hadn't spoken to each other in over 20 years. they lived in the same house and story goes he hit her one night (slapped her) and from then on she never spoke to him again. ignored him completely as if he didn't exist and obviously divorce was not an option for them. so, they lived together but acted as if the other didn't exist? *sigh* that is one bad row that just went a tiny bit over the edge don't you think? not that i'm condoning physical abuse, no way, but end it, go to couple's therapy, whatever, but continue living together like that? yikes! but i have to say the man was meekish and she was hellish. sh*t i would've slapped her she was such a pain in the ass. she prolly sent him over the edge that night and the rest is history! yikes!

for some reason, your poem reminded me of them again...hadn't thought of those two nuts in awhile....

Ramesh Sood said...

Good, I got worried initially because i know a brother and sister who hadn't spoken for 08 years of childhood and adolescence waiting for the other one to speak first.. I was realxed when it ended...yup, ended so well..

Dreamer said...

Good one! Happens all the time with me and the husband. It's kind of fun to see who'll break first, right?

Anonymous said...

Aww. Silent treatment was so sweet.

Day is fading away here as I read your blog and the words make a lovely backdrop to the sunset. Nicely done.

Amity said...

Ha ha ha...I love your poem Brenda! It was well said, and it does not only happen to you, even to me!

Now I am smiling while sometimes pride overrules and when we can't go on enough with the Silent Treatment, that kiss will make all the difference!

I can relate so much to this Brenda!

Mine is different take!!! Dreamy one!!!

Christine said...

"Was that the ghost of a grin?" was such a sweet line. You really captured that moment! A sweet poem; beautifully resolved.

ms pie said...

oh how i enjoyed reading that.. so friend his nostrils would start flaring so he wouldn't laugh... and that only made me laugh more... thank you for the recall... also enjoyed the pixz... the quiet still of yes & no