Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disco Ball


The disco ball is hanging by a thread,
If it falls we'll certainly be dead;
If it shatters into pieces
We'll be gone as all life ceases.
It twirls merrily glinting in the light,
Blues and greens a positive delight.
We dance thoughtlessly, skittering our feet,
Warming-up the ball with our body-heat,
A disco-ball is a thing of little worth,
But what if that ball were called
The Earth?



I knew instantly….

For most it happened in the blaze of day;

For me it happened in the smooth, velvety darkness
Of an Australian night.

I habitually tune-in to British radio

Before I sleep.

No music;

Just the lulling accent

Of my own childhood

Winging it's way over the thousands of miles.

That Britishness is my lullaby,

My return to the womb.

The melifluous tones

Suddenly took on a new urgency!

'We now take you to New York!'

No lullaby now!

I was awake,

Lying wide-eyed on my pillow.

I shook my husband.

'Wake up!' I cried;

'Something has happened in New York!'

He grunted and turned over.

'Tell me in the morning' he grumbled

'I was almost asleep.'

Thus it was I crept downstairs

To the television set;

Dimmed light

Dimmed sound.

The smooth velvety darkness

Of an Australian night.

Thus it was I saw

The second plane hit

The second tower!

For me it was almost peaceful!

So quiet,

So unreal,

So far away.

But, within me,

Wild turmoil.

The whole world should have

Felt my heart-beat.

For I knew, instantly…..

The world had changed for ever.


Teresa said...

These are both amazing! I just love the comparison of the Earth and a disco ball. Certainly plenty of food for thought in these poems.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love the feeling of your title,
it makes one dance with joy...
beautiful and talented post.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Thanks for linking up with Jingle poetry,
your contribution is highly appreciated.

Happy monday!
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RiikaInfinityy said...

Amazing :D~ Both poems are really great :P Love the flow of the poem, Mother Earth can be such wonderful living thing in this world=3

TALON said...

The disco ball comparison to earth is such an apt one - we dance away oblivious. Beautiful poems.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

The disco ball falling to Earth gave me a chuckle only to get knocked upside the head in your second poem.


And Yay.

Love the contrast within the sparkles and smoke.

My Monday Morning poem.

Anonymous said...

Fun twist at the end of your Pot luck offering-- and I like the cheerful carefree rhyme scheme.

I've brought an old favorite to the potluck: I'm putting the link in because so far everyone has followed my main link to today's post instead of going to my contribution.

dustus said...

Agree with the prior comment about the comparison you make, provides food for thought. cheers

Gabriela Abalo said...

What a great poem for a disco ball!!
I just love it

Kathe W. said...

disco ball=earth! Great poem!

Jingle said...

Thanks for the beautiful participation,
Come again next week!

Kavita said...

The analogy was plain superb!! How creative is that!! A disco-ball and earth! Whheewww!!! Too good! :))

The second poem was a sad reminder...but so very well written!!

Thank you for linking the poem set with poetry potluck! It was real treat to read your poems! Lovely!! I am still thinking about the disco ball.. :)

Annie Jeffries said...

You touched my heart with your person account. Can't say anymore. Too painful, even after nine years.