Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Train!



Standing on the platform I idly glanced and saw
Proof of our mingled heritage not noticed much before.
Place-names in Australia are varied as you see.
Very often 'British' to a very odd degree.
That's because our ancestors came to this rugged land
And gave the places 'English' names that they could understand.
But here and there a name is seen that echoes from the past.
Names like 'Bullaburra' were surely made to last.
And sometimes there's a mingling; there's 'Emu Plains' up there!
Australian or English? We don't really care.

(An Acrostic)

Sliding through the watery wonder,
When the tide is fast and strong.
If a rip should drag me under,
Maybe that's where I belong!
Mind and body, heart and spirit.....
Involving every part of me!
Nautilus! Shall I inherit
Gardens underneath the sea?

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