Friday, September 24, 2010

Handwriting One


Your handwriting can be the key
To your personality.
Are you better? Are you worse?
You'll glean a little from this verse.
I know a very tiny bit.
There's a great deal more to it.
First the SLANT will be discussed.
That's an aspect you can trust.
Writing can lean to left or right,
According to the way you write.
A right-hand slant means communication,
 Friendly or as manipulation.
A left-hand slant means great reserve;
To speak to others takes some nerve.
Upright writers tend to be
Independent in society.
Right-hand slant.

Left-hand slant

(An Acrostic)
Whistling a little tune maybe, or thinking romantic thoughts.
Actually, a good brisk walk is the equal of any sports.
Left right, left right, marching down the lane;
Knowing, when you reach the end, you'll stride back home again.
Imaginary companions help to pass the time away.
Needless hurts and worries can be left at home to stay.
Get yourself some walking shoes and head out to the highway!
Don't stay at home and watch TV!
(Even though that's my way!)

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