Friday, September 17, 2010

Dance with Destiny

Local News: Merewether Baths.

It poured with rain, as I remember;
Bleak was the winter's day....
When a young boy learned of his destiny,
Learned he was on his way.
He was leaving the confines of Newcastle
For the great wide world beyond;
Leaving, to dance in Europe,
The large sea, not the little pond.
And he leaped with joy at the notion,
And the newsman caught his joy,
As a pale sun emerged for a second
To shine on a golden boy.


If ever you're asked about Oz
You wont be stuck because
You'll have read this Ozzicle Oracle
And be the wisest that ever there was.
There are more one-humped camels in Oz
Than anywhere else on earth.
They were brought in from places abroad
And they've spent all their time giving birth!
For every Australian alive
There are eight sheep or possibly more.
But I've never met anyone yet
Who's bothered to check on the score.
You can write from the Barrier Reef
And stick on its own special stamp,
Although the recipient may
Find the letter a little bit damp.
The Tasmanian Devil has jaws
With the strength of a huge crocodile.
So if it looks eager to bite
Try and better the four-minute-mile!
But, if you are after clean air,
The cleanest on earth's in Tasmania.
So people who choose to live there
Must be wiser than you and much brainier.

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