Friday, September 17, 2010

The Coquette


'volatile. demure. offend.'


This young chap's in a fix!
What a volatile mix!
Yes, he is a victim, for sure!
She's reeling him in
With suggestions of sin
While acting discreet and demure!
She's such a coquette!
And I'm willing to bet
He's not the first man she's misled!
See her lower her eyes
In a maidenly guise
As she leans back and tosses her head!
This poor callow youth
Will find out the truth
If he places a hand on her knee!
She'll shout out 'You offend!'
And he'll learn, in the end,
Just how devious young girls can be!



Vegetable flan and vegetable pie;

Everybody likes them! So do I!

Full of vim and full of vigour,

Full of vitality to make us bigger.

Vegetable omelet, vegetable stew;

Everybody likes them! So do you!

Full of value! Full of variety!

Just what we need in our society.

Vegetables mashed and vegetables sliced;

Vegetables chopped and vegetables diced;

Vegetables cooked and vegetables raw......

Though not very easy to sip through a straw!

Vegetable lunch and vegetable tea;

Chock-full of vitamins ABC!

Buy some from the vegetable man

In his very nice vehicle, the vegetable van.

Vegetable this and vegetable that.

Drive your vehicle on vegetable fat!

Bio-fuels of various persuasions

May prevent fossil-fuel contagions.

Vegetable mixtures, of various varieties

Might yet save our guzzling societies.

Verdant green is the colour of choice

So to 'Vegetables! Vegetables! Raise your voice!


maglomaniac said...

Poetry has been flowing and that too seamlessly here.
well thats the way girls are.


sms said...

awesome Poetry..

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

A very tasty poem for 3WW. Thanks for the contribution.

Amity said...

I am a vegetarian and I love your vegetable poem...other should know that being one lives a longer life!

you're a vegetarian I guess Brenda!

that coquette? i have only learned the meaning of this word now, an addition to my vocabulary!
you are so adept penning rhyming talented really! :)

ms pie said...

yay for broccoli!!! ....