Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Household Hints.


Letter 'H'.


Do you often get downhearted
When the socks of a pair are parted?
The washing process separates
Those little socks which should be mates!
Keep safety-pins in a handy spot
Then you'll never lose the plot.
Join the socks for the duration,
And avoid this washing complication
Bridge may be the game you choose,
In your home or on a cruise,
But you may find the cards get sticky
(Human hands can be quite tricky!)
Even manicured hands, in time,
Can leave a patina of grime!
Before you buy another pack,
Giving your well-loved cards the sack,
Try talcum-powder as a reviver!
Your pack will be a proud survivor!
Sprinkle and wipe and you will find
You've left the grubbiness behind.
Dammit! Broken glass again!
A goblet or a window pane!
The shards lie there upon the ground!
I'll cut myself soon, I'll be bound!
I must be careful where I tread!
But, if I take a slice of bread
And press it into the shattered pieces,
The need for extra vigilance ceases!
Every tiny  pin-point bit
Will soon embed itself in it!
Throw the bread away with care
And you'll forget glass was ever there.
Julia Gillard wins the closest election in Australian history!


At last we are governed! After two weeks in limbo!
The lady is strong. Don't call her a bimbo!
She's won by a whisker and made some mistakes
But she's certainly shown that she's got what it takes.
The road will be hard, with much opposition;
And I wouldn't care to be in her position!
I didn't vote for her for I voted 'Green';
I want us to aim for a world that is clean.
But the feminist in me is over the moon!
Our own Mrs Thatcher! And that none too soon!

We took the boys home to their own home after school today. We wanted to view the new furniture purchases.

They showed us their new toy-room settee. I read them a story on it.

And their new toy-shelves which look easy to keep tidy!

Harry was thrilled about it all. (Or was it the Election?)


Darlene said...

Good hints in your cute rhyme. I will remember the break 'pick up' for broken glass next time the need arises.

Gigi Ann said...

Enjoyed your Household Hints. And like Darlene I will try to remember the Bread trick to pick up broken glass.

Cheryl said...

Great tips! Who knew? I guess you did! Thanks for the election update and the photos of the grands.

Happy ABC!

Sylvia K said...

Great hints indeed! Glad the election finally went well! Really good news! Have a great week, Brenda!


Beverley Baird said...

Love your poem on household hints! Great shots of the boys!
Thankfully the election is over!

Verns said...

awesome hints, love your boys tidy racks...

Hope you can drop by
My ABC Wednesday post here

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Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful election results, Brenda. And I love your poems.
I wish I'd known about the bread and broken glass trick sooner, however. Someone broke the side mirror on my car recently, and I think I ruined my battery-operated vacuum cleaner picking up the glass. Bread would have been faster and cheaper!! I couldn't leave broken glass on the road for a barefoot child (summer in the northern hemisphere) or a dog, cat or even wild rabbit to step on. Add that to the cyclists who come past here, and I knew I had to avert disaster.
Thanks for the news and the hints. And the boys' room looks greatl.
Alberta, Canada

Tumblewords: said...

Great hints and delightful kid play!

Carol said...

Hints in a rhyme, so creative. Loved the photos of the new furniture and grandson.

Leslie: said...

Those household hints will come in handy! I especially like the one about broken glass - never knew that trick, but will use it and will pass it on to my daughter who has 2 little ones. Glad you're happy with the election result.

Hildred said...

Great tips, and I am so pleased your election is finally settled.

Wanda said...

Well now I have really learned some good tips on this one.

Mara said...

Safety pins, I need to get my some safety pins! Perhaps then I will not loose any more socks (which I have always found back though, so all is not lost)

Roger Owen Green said...

great tips and an election summary to boot. all entertaining stuff

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

How clever you are. I love your tips and bringing us up to date on the election.
Your blog is one I always look forward to reading.

Unknown said...

Love the cartoon -- housework IS evil!
And with all I salute you for the bread tip for broken glass -- so simple, so effective!
And your graciousness about the election outcome is a model for us all!
Helen Mac, ABC team

Gel said...

Hi- Your household hints reminded me of "Heloise" who wrote books about such and ran an advice column in the USA. Terrific tips! Enjoy the furniture.