Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Question Answered.



Does Australia have a winter? It's a question often asked.
People think the whole year round we have in sunshine basked!
Here is Banjo, in his jacket, as near the fire as he can get.
Now here comes another question...... 'Is it time for summer yet?'



(Written at the height of the Credit Crunch. In case we forget!)

I'm a Wall Street Banker.
I've made some Big Mistakes
But the Government will help me out!
One call is all it takes!
I can still live in my mansion;
I can still eat caviar.
I can still buy diamonds for my wife
And drive a fancy car.
I pass the empty houses
And people sleeping rough,
I see their awful suffering,
But I just don't give a stuff!
They say that I'm responsible
For all the grief and pain,
But, if the Government sees me right,
I can do it all again!

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