Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vulgar Limerick!


The first line was suggested by Mad Kane! As an Aussie I had to guess what 'buns' were, but I think I got it right!


A man who was known for his buns,
Declared 'I know everyone shuns
A lack of division!
It causes derision!
They must come in twos and not ones!'

Now another one in case I jumped to conclusions!

A man who was known for his buns,
Said 'I bake them for Goths and for Huns.
I find if I drop
A cherry on top
They don't notice the pale under-dones!'

This is not me OR Granny Smith!

Dedicated to Granny Smith
See what she's done about it!

It'll happen to you! You'll see!
One day you'll be striding along,
Whistling, and humming a song,
Lithe and bright and hearty,
Life being one long party;
People greeting you in the street
Saying 'Gosh! You're so great to meet!';
Thinking 'I'm ME for evermore!
I wonder what goodies are in store';
And, suddenly, bent back, grey hair!
And you become nothing but a 'spare'!
Someone at the traffic lights
Who shouldn't be still alive by rights!
Someone who should be moving on
'And we wont even notice when you've gone!'
But, friends, don't let them do it to you!
Don't let them try to look right through you!
Speak up! Speak out! Though you are a pest!
Even though 'they're' not impressed!
Answer back! And push right in!
Being 'you' is not a sin!
Shout out loud 'Hey folks! It's ME!'
No more invisibility!


Mad Kane said...

Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed both your limericks and intended buns to have both of the meanings you chose. I hope you'll participate in more of my Limerick-Offs. I run them roughly once a week. (If you'd like to be on my Limerick-Off announcement list, please send me an email and I'll be happy to add you. ) Thanks for the laughs.

Granny Smith said...

Thanks for naming me my blog as the inspiration for your very funny and true verse!