Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Tender Touch


That one so large and one so small
Can walk in harmony at all,
Is miracle enough for me!
That one built sturdy as a tree,
So huge, so wide, so vast and high,
And reaching almost to the sky,
With ears that flap and feet that pound
Making an almost thunderous sound,
Can be so gentle! Contemplate
The baby with its awkward gait!
See how it plods with infant strides
Keeping close to mother's sides!
Her vast feet could eliminate it!
Yet see how softly she'll placate it!
The coiling trunk gives a gentle nudge,
Indicating 'Stay!' or 'Budge!'
Her trumpet sounds a 'Yea' or 'Nay'
And her offspring knows to go or stay!
'The fruits will ripen soon and so
This is the way we have to go.'
He heeds the looming beast above
Revelling in his Mother's love.
What makes me stop and marvel so?
He was only born an hour ago!



When grandson Blake was only three
Banjo came to stay.
He was tiny enough to fit in a hand,
But big enough to play.
His little bones were like a bird's;
He shivered in the breeze;
He looked up at us with pleading eyes
Saying 'Knit me a jacket..... please.'
We found him a teddy-bear's cast-off coat
And he found a patch of sun,
And even asleep his little tail wagged
And we knew a heart had been won.
It wasn't a jacket all lined with fur,
Or decked-out with strips of leather,
But it perfectly fitted the little pup,
And kept out the chilly weather.
Now Blake is twelve and growing tall,
And Banjo will soon be ten,
But still he's as cute as a baby pup,
Just as he was then.
He's gone a sort of rusty grey
But he's still the best dog ever.
He's bright, affectionate, always there
And his tricks with a ball are clever.
You can keep your poodle in pretty pink,
With ribbons round her throat,
We'll take Banjo, for all of us know,
He's sweet in his knitted coat


Anonymous said...

Tender Touch made me teary eyed! What an absolutely gentle and simple way to capture nature and its majestic beauty with this week's words! Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy 3WW! I played too!

Priyanka Bhowmick said...

that was soo sweet.. wonderful work!

Annie Jeffries said...

Good morning, Brenda. I just love the poems you offer us this morning. The tender loving of hands of mothers, whether of one (that instructive trunk) or two, they sooth and caress with unfailing success.

David said...

Your take on the baby elephant and mom is wonderful. The wonders of nature. This poem is catchy, really rolls of the tongue with a good cadence. Awesome!

Unknown said...

Wow...I really liked your 3WW. I'm not big on poetry, as is evident on my blog, but I really like the simplicity of yours. Beautiful.

Deborah said...

Elephants AND dogs, it's too much for me, you've just bought a lump to my throat with both of them, they are just lovely!

Sherri B. said...

I am always in awe of your're able to create poems with such rhyme, rhythm, and depth of meaning time and time again. As always, two lovely reads!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

another award winning piece,
masterfully written!

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I got to watch the calving operation in western South Dakota last year of the American bison; this first piece reminds me so of what I saw on the great plains.

Thomma Lyn said...

*sniff*, these were touching and precious. Thank you for sharing! :)

Tumblewords: said...

I've been fortunate enough to see a brand new baby elephant and watch its growth and humor for a week or so - your poem does justice, and then some, to this perfect event!

Susannah said...

These are both wonderful, especially dear Banjo. :-)

VL Sheridan said...

How sweet! There's nothing like a mother's love.

christopher said...

You are doing well, knowing as do I, Practice, practice, practice.

Doctors have a practice, and lawyers too, and so do poets...