Friday, September 10, 2010

Notice Me!



Tell me that I'm clever as you did when I was small!
Take my little pictures and display them on the wall!
Listen to my stories with round admiring eyes!
Accept my every comment as remarkable and wise!
Praise me for my industry and pat me on the head!
Give me lots of kisses when you tuck me in my bed!
However old we grow we will continue to require
Proof that we are special and still something to admire.
The ego stays a child, it seems, however old we grow.
So if you think I'm wonderful please, please, please tell me so!
(And, if you don't, that's just too bad; I suppose I'll soldier on,
Sitting in the corner, looking very woebegone!)


I looked in the water and saw my reflection!
I wish I had looked in another direction!
I know I'm not young, there are wrinkles, unbidden,
But luckily, under my fur, they're quite hidden.
I knew I was greying, but oh what a fright!
When I looked in my 'mirror' I saw I'd turned WHITE!


annell4 said...

And yes, you are wonderful indeed! Thanks for your comment on my post.

Susan said...

Have only recently found your site Brenda. Thank you, it's most enjoyable. I particularly loved these two gems.

Maria's Space said...

Really sweet. I love my children's art work and have a hard time deciding which one will make it to the portfolio and which goes in the trash. That is a wonderful poem, one everyone should remember as our children grow older.

Martha said...

love the work and the poem!

tinyskillet said...

Love the photos, of course how can you go wrong with kids artwork? :D Some wonderful writing too, such a talent!