Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sea Sparkle



Flecks of water on the glass;
Splashes from the boats that pass.
Choppy waves that dance and flicker,
Ever brighter ever quicker.
It's a delightful boating day
For people in Port Stephens Bay.



When Margie Higgins came to tea
This is what she said to me....
No, no, no! I mustn't say.
Awful rumours start that way!
She knew I wouldn't pass it on!
I thought about it when she'd gone.
Very little holds a candle
To a juicy bit of scandal.
To think that snooty Poppy Slatt
Would lose her self-control like that!
Little-girlish and demure!
Just a cover that's for sure.
Saw her only yesterday!
Never thought she'd be that way!
It seems he was covered with tattoos!
What a piece of scrumptious news!
Half her age, or even less!
Any port in a storm, I guess.
Under the boardwalk, too, I hear!
Would I consider that? No fear!
Of course, my dear, my lips are sealed,
But, one day, all will be revealed!
Please keep mum! You must! You must!
How lucky you're someone I can trust!


Unknown said...

Like diamonds on the water. Pretty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful water photo, and I love the poem that accompanies it!

And 'PSSST' really made me smile...:)


Margaret Gosden said...

That must have been a fun ride providing a wonderful photo opportunity! You got the full effect!

cat said...

So beautiful and sparkly :)