Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring Simplicity



A simple blue and a simple green,
With a little woodiness in between;
They hardly make a dramatic scene!
Is it really worth recording?
Ah yes! For here is the majesty
Of Nature's sappiness set free,
The buds of Spring on a wintry tree!
What could be more rewarding?



I was visiting a monastery up on a mountain top
With a sheer cliff face below it and a truly awesome drop.
The way up was by basket........ the drop was an awful sight
And only a rope was holding us as we swayed at that great height!
I became terribly nervous as the basket turned and swayed;
It would be putting it mildly to say I was afraid!
A monk was traveling with me so, seeing how we were placed,
I said to him 'How often is the monastery rope replaced?'
When he gave me his reply I really got the shakes!
'Oh we replace it frequently......
Every time it breaks!'


Lois Evensen said...

Two very good ones!

The second one reminds me of the Norwegian Fjords where the Fjord People live at the top of cliffs. Then the tax man cometh, the ropes suddenly are pulled up. ;)

Gigi Ann said...

I'm afraid I could never make the trip up in the basket. I am afraid of heights, but, sounds like you had a nice ride.

Anonymous said...

I love spring blooms w/ a BLUE sky background & that blue sky in the other one is beautiful too!

EG CameraGirl said...

Spring is arriving and looks very lovely!

Thanks for the chuckle about how often the rope is replaced. :)

Laura said...

great images and poems too!

Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous pictures, Brenda.
The basket to the monastery makes my knees wobble just looking at it, although I got a giggle out of the replacing of the rope... but you can't beat "Nature's sappiness" for the phrase of the day! I love it.

Alberta, Canada

eileeninmd said...

Lovely skies and poems. The basket looks scary to me.

Beverley Baird said...

Love your photos and poems!
I don't like heights so wouldn't have to worry about the rope breaqking - I wouldn't be going up!
have agreat weekend!

duopastorale said...

Great photo and story!! LOL

Jan n Jer said...

Very nice photo n poem. I must say, that second shot made me nervous to look at. Love the story behind it!

BraCom said...

very nice skywatch photos