Saturday, September 18, 2010



It's a Saturday Morning in Winter; there's a hint of some chill in the air.
But I go to the Olive Tree Markets, for a heart-warming buzz will be there.
I arrive just a little bit early; the stall-holders congregate, still
Arranging their stalls for the morning and placing their wares where they will.
I see scarves are a popular item, in reds and in greens and in blues;
I finger a few but I don't buy; there are almost too many to choose.
And Springtime will not be long coming and who wants a scarf in the Spring?
So I wander off home empty-handed. I haven't bought one single thing!


I love my grandson dearly;

He's a charmer that's for sure,

But, when he makes some statements,
I'm shattered to the core!
He tells me that my skin's too small

That's why my arms are crinkled,

And suddenly I feel quite old,

All shriveled up and wrinkled!

He's sees me knitting and declares

'Grandma! That's not for you!

You're not as big as a woman!'

I suddenly feel it's true!

I never noticed shrinkage

But now I feel quite bent!

I wouldn't say his comments

Are exactly heaven-sent!

'Why has your face got cracks in it?'

Another observation!

I look into the mirror

With additional consternation!

He isn't being nasty,

It's just that he's bemused

Seeing a face and body

That's been, let's face it, used!

So I've a face that's cracking

And a skin that hardly fits!

The truth may hurt……. but the Teller?

Well, I still love him to bits.


Lynette Killam said...

Both great poems, but I especially loved Cracked! So easy to identify with now that I'm on the flip side of sixty. It reminds me of a piece I posted on my other blog for my birthday this year...:)


Margaret Gosden said...

Be thankful he is SO observant - not many would have the innocence to comment, and the eye of an 'artist' - you note he is asking the questions without the notion that these 'flaws', as you see them, make you a less interesting person. I am perhaps biased in thinking that an aging face is more interesting to behold these days because that is where I am at, too!