Friday, September 24, 2010


Spring in Australia


It's sad to feel neglected just because we're upsidedown!
It's sad to feel we're not part of the show!
'Write about the Fall,' you say.' That's the latest meme.
How are you feeling? We would like to know.'
Well, here on the bottom of the world, we're feeling pretty good,
We're budding and we're bursting with new green!
The days are growing warmer and the Spring is on it's way!
'Spring Fashions' are appearing on the scene!
We feel a certain sympathy for those in your hemisphere,
Who're facing coming winter with some qualms,
But the whole world isn't suffering; we've had our turn at cold,
And we're now anticipating warmer charms.
I envy your Autumn colours; we have, mostly, evergreens,
And our Spring is less dramatic, there's no doubt,
But picture us with complexes and shedding bitter tears
Because you've 'made a meme' and left us out!


As Good as Gold!
So it says on this poster!
Look closely!
It doesn't say what exactly.
It doesn't promise
To turn every girl into
A pretty Pierrette
Perched on a stool
Playing with a dolly!
A pretty Pierrette
Who, reading between the lines,
Will snaffle
A Pierot
Of unimaginable male
Why else the
Flouncy skirt,
The pointed toes,
The oh so silky stockings?
It leaves us to fill-in the spaces,
With girlish dreams.
It leaves us to deduce that
Somewhere in the picture,
There is 'the answer'.
It leaves us to glance idly
At the cigarettes lying close by.
They are in a yellow packet.
We think it 'as good as gold'.
They must be 'the answer'!
Hooray! We've found it!
Everlasting happiness!
I wonder if elderly ladies
Lying coughing
In hospitals world-wide,
Pierrette and her dolly.
I wonder if we, too,
Are reacting foolishly
To other, more sophisticated,
That we do not even recognise.
Will we, too,
One day regret
The siren call
'As Good as Gold.'?



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I LOVE your "neglected" poem - very witty! It blows me away to think someone on the other side of the world, living an alternative reality in a totally different season, is reading poems and exchanging comments with us over here (though "here" is many places in the world). I have not traveled much and I must say I LOVE this whole blogging thing, which gives us lovely glimpses into other places and other hearts..........Enjoyed your poem very much! Good one!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

you never fail to fulfill...
lovely job.

Diane T said...

You're in Australia? I had not known that. Well summer's coming... my favorite season is fall in Hobart,

dasuntoucha said...

Ahhh it just as much as Fall.

Uma Anandane said... sweet..the neglected poem.Good work

Weasel said...

Two excellent poems! Very much enjoyed the read! =)


Darlene said...

Is that lavender tree in the photo a Jacaranda? It is beautiful.

I love your poem with the ending. Yes, many things we did when young were not good for us and smoking heads the list.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Both are wonderfully written, lovely image as well :3~

Ella said...

Great poems! Sorry you are neglected, but I envy your rebirth!
Spring is such a lovely season~
WE have a blaze of glory, before the bare branches of winter arrive!
enJOY~ Lovely poems!