Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hot Stuff!


'engulf, imminent, tamper'


Oh what a trap for the unwary!
A thought that's positively scary!
The fact that millions of years ahead,
After you and I are dead,
The sun will engulf the earth! It's true!
That is what it's going to do!
As it dies the sun will expand!
(Yes, I know it's hard to understand).
The earth will be swallowed-up by heat
And we will all admit defeat.
If mankind is still around
Into the oven we'll be bound!
This isn't imminent, of course;
Life is still a powerful force
And, in the event, should we survive,
It could be that we'll contrive
To tamper with an asteroid,
To spin us into a cooler void.
That would not exactly be a boon,
As we'd have to leave behind the moon!
Let's leave that worry to generations
Who'll have to deal with such situations!
Let us just enjoy our privileged place,
On earth, right heat, right time, right place!



Three handsome dogs walked out one day and all of them were males.
They walked with a casual canine air, wagging their little tails.
The first was a smart Retriever, and a Labrador was following.
The last was a little Chihuahua, small enough for swallowing!
Young men of every species have an eye for the main chance,
And to every dog upon their way they gave a second glance.
At last they chanced on Fifi, a Poodle and a girl!
The sight of this sexy female sent their hormones in a whirl!
Fifi was white and fluffy, with quite adorable eyes,
And Rex and Lex and Charlie all desired her as a prize.
They lined-up for her favours, but Fifi was no fool,
Even with three smart suitors she certainly kept her cool.
'The first one' giggled Fifi, who was quite inclined to tease,
'To utter these two words….one's LIVER and one's CHEESE…'
'Liver', 'Cheese!' they shouted, eager to pass the test!
'Hold on!' said little Fifi 'You haven't heard the rest!
You must make-up a pithy sentence to prove that you are clever!
I could never mate with a stupid dog! Never! Never! Never!'
The Retriever, Rex then cleared his throat, hardly able to wait;
'Cheese and liver; these are foods I absolutely hate!'
'Utterly dull!' said Fifi; 'You lack imagination!'
Rex slunk off, despondent, shocked by the situation.
Then up spoke Lex, with a dog-like grin, very eager to please;
'I know! I know!' he blurted out 'I love liver and cheese!'
'No better!' said Fifi, 'And, whatsmore, I think it's even duller!
I want a sentence full of life, and wit, and charm and colour!'
Charlie Chihuahua stood apart, waiting to be invited.
His friends looked on, knowing he, too, was just about to be slighted.
'And what about you?' said Fifi, as Charlie stood in line.
Charlie smiled then he spoke up….

'Liver alone! Cheese mine!'


christopher said...

It is still unanimous. Everyone is writing of disaster. That's what the three words together evoke.

Anonymous said...

re Hot Stuff: what a fun read of a serious threat - not exactly imminent as you say, not for us in this guise. I would miss the moon as well... loved this!

Amity said...

Your first poem Hot Stuff is totally fearful, to be engulfed in an oven if mankind would still be around once earth is swallowed up by heat...but if we know God's promise especially us believers in Christ, before that imminent catastrophe happens, we will already be in heaven, except those who are bound to hell!

Quite dark Brenda, I fear for the unsaved souls.

Your Sized Up poem made me smile, even laugh...:)

You are truly a prolific writer...I saw your blog archive and you kind of post a couple truly a feat! I couldn't! :)

Deborah said...

I loved them, just wonderful!

Dreamer said...

I just adored the poem about the dogs! The first one's very good too.

Anonymous said...

What a way to put our being here into perspective. What a gift to actually be able to enjoy it while we still have it. Time is so different for us versus the planet that we forget, to Earth, our time here is nothing but a moment... We're lucky to have our moment at all!
Happy 3WW
Mine is up as well!

Priyanka Bhowmick said...

that's right. let's enjoy forgetting all the worries.

Susannah said...

Your rhymes never fail to make me smile! and here are another two wonderful ones. (I love the doggies) :-)

Judy said...

Thanks for stopping by... and I enjoyed your rhymes today. Maybe we'll find out what's behind that door with next week's 3WW (wink)

Angel said...

Enjoyed your work as always. I just love your use of words.

Jae Rose said...

Yes, we are indeed lucky that right now our toes aren't burning up! Lovely poem..thanks for your visit..Jae :)

Unknown said...

Great write here... Nice use of the words. Love and Light, Sender