Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green plus Blue

suggested Favourite Colours


Green plus blue
Makes a turquoise hue
And that's my favourite colour,
Without those two
What would we do?
 The world would be much duller.
I took this shot
From a favourite spot
On a ship when we were sailing.
The sky was grey
On a rainy day
But turquoise is never failing.
The swimming-pool,
Thronged as a rule,
Was lying unattended,
The blue surround
And green sea, I found,
Were cleverly, subtly blending.
The sea's grey-green
Added to the scene,
And the dull sky threatened thunder.
But the turquoise hue,
Made of green and blue,
Was still a colourful wonder.


(This was once a party-piece of mine in my more vulgar days!)
In twelve-oh-nine,
We were doing fine
In our castle on the hill,
And, if the Infidel hadn't raised some hell,
We'd all be happy still.
But my Noble Lord was getting bored
So he went to the Crusades;
Put my chastity under lock and key,
And that of the serving maids.
It was twelve-sixteen
And I hadnt seen
My Lord for several years.
I'd learned to tat,
And I'd grown quite fat,
And I'd shed some wifely tears.
Oh, a minstrel's tune
Passed an afternoon
And the weather could be discussed,
But I have to admit
I couldn’t sit,
On account of increasing rust.
In twelve-twenty-four
Came a herald to the door,
And I learned, with bated breath,
That my Noble Lord
Hadn't perished by the sword!
He'd been plucked from the jaws of death!
'I'll resume my life
With my lovely lady wife.'
Were the words he wrote to me.
Then he added a bit……
'I'm sorry to admit
That I've been and lost the key!'
In twelve-twenty-five
Came the day he would arrive
Victorious from the war!
We went to our room
In the hope we could resume
Our relationship, as before.
I felt depressed,
But I should have guessed
That my lord was a resourceful man.
When we'd closed the door
In his upraised hand I saw
The key to a sardine can!
By twelve-twenty-six
We were really in a fix,
For the key just wouldn't fit!
Though he gave a twist
And a jiggle of the wrist,
He couldn't get the hang of it.
By twelve-twenty-eight
We submitted to our fate
And stopped looking for ways and means.
And in twelve-twenty-nine
We both sat down to dine
On some very, very stale sardines.


Mary said...

I agree with you about turquoise. Without the color the world would be much duller. Nice photo too, showing the strength of turquoise even on a grey day.

Diane T said...

I call turquoise aqua, but it is the same thing. Definitely one of my favorite colors. Sometimes I see more green than blue in aqua. Enjoyed your poem so much!

Unknown said...

Both poems could brighten a dull day!

Flying Monkey said...

Turqouise is indeed a lovely colour and your poem expresses that in a lovely way.

Elizabeth said...

Your color scheme poem is great, and I particularly like that color, but the chastity belt piece had me laughing through out. I have always been curious about them and I think your poem satisfied that intrigue, well.


neil reid said...

Thanks for your (color) blending eye. We do participate with what we see.

Judy Roney said...

This was a lovely scene you painted with your words even with the grey skies. :) I love all hues of the combination of blue and green.