Saturday, September 18, 2010


                                           Vane Kosturanov

suggested the illustration

(An Acrostic)

Floating, like an Autumn leaf,
Impatient for a bite,
'Something soon' is his belief,
His before the night.
Eagerly he grasps his line;
Ripples auger well,
'Mine!' he whispers 'This is mine!
A fisherman's tale to tell.'
Nothing! One that got away!
He'll live to fish another day.

                  Elizabeth Wix


I can see myself in that, Sis!
I think that's really cool!
If I wore that on Saturday
Wouldn't Taylor drool!
She wouldn't have the legs for it!
Her legs are white and skinny!
While mine are really rather cute!
And I look good in a mini.
I can see myself in that, Sis!
I really like the scarf!
Wouldn't Taylor hate me!
And wouldn't I have a laugh!
She's always got the latest gear!
She makes me feel a fool!
Wouldn't I go one-up on her
If I wore it to school!
I can see myself in that Sis!
But the gloves are a bit way-out.
And the model hasn't got a head!
That's Taylor, without a doubt!
Oh here comes Taylor herself, Sis!
She's just come round the bend.
Let's step out and meet her.
(Taylor is my best friend.)


rob kistner said...

I love your acrostic of the fisherman, well done -- but I was smiling and laughing my way through "My Best Friend" what an absolutely charming HOOT!!!

Very very cool Brenda... =•)

Image & Verse

Dick said...

Form and content in perfect harmony. Excellent, both!

Anonymous said...

Well constructed Brenda.

Deborah said...

Both are just wonderful ... a delight to read!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you've cheered me up enormously with these two, Rinkly. Lovely jubbly. Does anyone remember Beryl Reid? "She's my best friend and I hate her."

Al said...

Those are two fun poems.

Loree said...

What enjoyable reads. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

Loree said...

What enjoyable reads. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

Mary said...

Very clever acrostic, Brenda. For most fishermen I would guess this is a familiar tale.

Elizabeth said...

I have to agree with Rob on these. The fisherman tale is great, and it does create the possiblity for tomorrow being a better result. And you best friend piece is delightfully real as well. I wonder if that is what we actually mean when we define someone as a best friend, a good bit of rivalry without a lot of animosity? A mirror with which to take stock of our own reality? No matter, I loved both pieces.


Diane T said...

Ah, nicely written acrostic. Made me smile. I wrote one about 'the one that got away' also!

Wayne Pitchko said...

both nicely done...thanks fo sharing these

Judy Roney said...

What a cool acrostic. Fun to read and it.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Playful, fun rhythms and ideas! The old fisherman story has a new breath of life and a friend is certainly one who sticks through the sun and storms!

Amanda Moore said...

Loved the Acrostic you're very clever that way!

Marie Elena said...

I absolutely adore play-on-words-fun-funny-clever-type stuff, and from what I see here, you got it! I'll have to plan to visit more often.

Anonymous said...

Acrostic was beautiful. Your writing seems to be effortless. Love and Light, Sender